*At any time, a potential student has the option of attending an open house or setting up a private appointment with an instructor or a director to tour the campus.

  1. Student submits a registration form via online, fax or by mail.
  2. Once the registration is received by the registrar the student will be contacted within a week via phone or email (make sure you leave working phone numbers) to discuss any questions the student has, payment options and to possibly complete the phone interview.
  3. After all questions have been successfully answered for the student and the student would like to complete enrollment, the next step for the student is to decide how they would like to reserve their seat in the designated session. The student may pay their full tuition, half tuition, a $800 deposit or be approved for the outside lender financing. Any of these methods will guarantee a seat for the student.
  4. Once payment for a seat has been made and payments on any balance, if applicable, are discussed the student may then print off their new student paperwork from our website.
  5. The student has 1 week to print off, fill in and send back any required paperwork to the registrar in order to keep their reserved seat.
  6. The student should then request a high school transcript or GED be sent to
    Admissions Office
    12 Lincolnshire Drive
    Lockport, NY 14094
  7. Once all required paperwork has been received the student is then cleared to begin class the first day of their enrolled session.


3709 Latrobe Drive Suite 420
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211
Phone: 877-432-3554
Fax: 1-888-494-8114

12 Lincolnshire Dr.
Lockport, New York 14094