Includes NC RAD Certification

The student will receive the following certifications upon completion:

  • North Carolina Dental X-RAY Certification
  • Infection Control / HIPAA Certification
  • CPR for the Health Care Provider
  • Medical Office Emergencies
  • Certificate of Course Completion from The Dental Assistant Academy of Charlotte


Enjoy the rewards of working with a dentist to create brighter smiles! This exciting new Dental Assisting Program can help you make a difference. The essential skills you learn in this program enable you to gain the edge you need to be an entry level Dental Assistant (DAI).

Introduction to Dental Assisting provides an introduction to dentistry; establishes fundamentals of the dental assisting profession; licensure, the dental team, and dental specialties.  The student will learn: roles of the dental assistant; specialty fields of dentistry; dental terminology; areas of the dental office; equipment; treatment rooms; sterilization center, and laboratory.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students will:

  • Understand the role of the Dental Assistant
  • Know the basics of dental practice.
  • Understand Dental Theory and Terminology
  • Understand Dental/Oral Anatomy, Tooth Numbering System
  • Maintain quality patient records
  • Become proficient in Charting Restorations and Periodontal Pockets
  • Fluoride application
  • Impression and Model Trimming
  • Understand Sterilization procedures
  • Develop communication skills for use with patients and coworkers.
  • Produce professional written correspondence.
  • Relate to patients in a professional, caring manner.
  • Understand teamwork in the dental office.
  • Understand information management in the dental office.
  • Become proficient with scheduling and recall systems.
  • Understand dental insurance.
  • Perform inventory management and equipment maintenance.
  • Use the computer to promote efficiency.
  • Develop employability skills and strategies

Course Outline

I.  Orientation
         A. Introduction to School & Faculty
         B. Allied Health Personnel and Professional Associations
         C. Introduction to Dentistry & Dental Specialties
         D. Ethics & the Laws
         E. Basic Terminology

II. Dental Theory and Terminology
         A. Dental and Oral Anatomy
         B. Dental Charting & Tooth Numbering Systems
         C. Dental & General Terminology
III. Clinical Orientation and Four-handed Dental Assisting
         A. Instrument nomenclature and identification for all aspects of General Dentistry
         B. Equipment operation, chair positioning, assistant equipment usage
         C. Instrument transfer techniques chair-side assisting  and suctioning
         D. Chair-side doctor-patient-assistant positioning
         E. Use of instruments and materials in assisting for:
                            1. Operative Dentistry
                            2. Oral Surgery
                            3. Crown and Bridge
                            4. Endodontics
                            5. Periodontics
                            6. Pedodontics
                            7. Orthodontics
         F. Handpiece care and maintenance

IV. Dental Materials
         A. Amalgams, Composites & Cements
         B. Impression materials and practice in their use:
              alginates, rubber base, etc.
         C. Wax bites, counter impressions
         D. Model pouring and trimming

V. Advanced Clinical Procedures
                       1. Operative Dentistry
                       2. Oral Surgery
                       3. Crown and Bridge Procedures
                       4. Endodontics Procedures
                       5. Periodontic Dentistry
                       6. Pedodontic Dentistry
                       7. Orthodontic Procedures
                       8. Preventive Dentistry

VI.Sterilization Techniques
         A. Sterilization theory and terminology, autoclave operation
         B. Instrument and equipment sterilization/disinfection

         A. X-ray theory and technique, use of Rinn Holders and other methods
         B. Intraoral, bitewing, panoramic, and endodontic exposure methods
         C. Developing x-rays

VIII. 40 hour Externship

All DAI program students must complete a minimum of a 40 clock hour externship as part of the graduation requirement. The complete externship requirement and specifics will be explained to you in class but here are the important basics.

  • You will have a 2 week time frame to complete your 40 hours but that may also mean that if you have a Full Time day job you may need to use some PTO to complete your time. Feel free to split the 40 hours however you need to during those 2 weeks in order to get them completed. Plan ahead for that time now.
  • The Dental Assistant Academy of Charlotte will issue your chosen office a checklist of items that we would like for you to participate in while there. Not every dentist is as comfortable with a new student assisting with their patients so if you don't feel they are letting you do as many things as you'd like to, go somewhere that will. 
  • You will have complete autonomy as to where you choose to complete your hours. You can choose your own dentist, a dentist that you know personally, the dentist near your home or you can choose any random dentist you want. We encourage you to choose a minimum of 2 different offices to split your time between but that is not a requirement. We also recommend that you choose different specialties, don't feel obligated to only spend your time with a general dentist. Try an orthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeon or a pediatric dentist. If you have tried multiple offices and aren't having any luck please understand that's it's not personal-not every dentist is willing to host a student in their office. 

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